It is just over a year since I drove out to Utah to get Sheba.

She enjoyed her ride back to New York.

She did not know how to play with Spender or Trudy. She also does not play with toys.

Sheba loves food and has the Non de Plume of Bubblebutt. LOL

She eventually started to play a little with Trudy after Spender passed.

On 12 July I got a 21 month old boy from my breeder because he needed a home because he did not make it as a show dog.

Sheba sometimes plays with both of my other Sams.

She also barks at them when they are playing and running in the house.

She prefers to stay in the house except when I am out working on my land and then all 3 of them wait in the yard until I come back.

i have pictures of her in my computer but can't figure out how to send them.She is such a good girl and sticks to me like glue.


Nadia came to us as a foster, underweight and silent, face half-shaved with stitches from a fight. She had a skin condition and chewed the hair off both front legs. She went to her kennel, wore knee socks for a month, and never uttered a single sound.  When we went out, she snapped unexpectedly at other dogs, whined uncontrollably at small dogs, she didn't know what toys were and would stare blankly if you tried to play with her.  She was flat and docile; I didn't think she had much personality. 


She barked for the first time, 3 weeks after we got her. We put Nadia in her kennel for the night, and she worked up the nerve to tell us she'd rather stay with us, please. First contact.


I talked to a Korean co-worker and learned basic dog commands. When I came home that night, I called my fiancee over and rolled the dice. "Anja!"  Nadia sat, right away. I'm not sure whose face was more surprised, Nadia or Saya-my future wife. That's where the connection finally started. She wasn't empty; she had been waiting for something that she understood. 


Saya works from home, and the two of them were inseparable from that point on.  Nadia learned to play with toys. Her skin condition improved. Her mild heartworm treated. Saya took her everywhere, socializing and learning.  


One of the places Saya took Nadia was to her therapy sessions, dealing with some really tough issues with childhood abuse. Nadia would come over and lay her head on Saya's lap when things got especially difficult. She apparently understands some things, all too well. They were there for each other. Walking home one day, Nadia stood up for my wife when she was accosted by an aggressive panhandler. At that point, I knew Nadia wasn't really a foster anymore; she was family. We all made it official when Nadia was at Saya's side at our wedding. 


She doesn't have papers, but Nadia is definitely Samoyed through and through. She has impeccable manners in public, a sense of humor, is gentle and kind to people, but I also know she's fierce when she needs to be and that she keeps an eye on Saya.  She loves getting lovies, catching popcorn in the air, having her own toys (these are MINE??), and she's been amazing going to the senior care center for visits. She still doesn't really know how to play with other dogs or what the point of a dog park is, but she's trying. She also prefers her Korean commands over English, so we're trying, too. We all laugh together, every day.


Taking in a rescue is a little more work, but the reward has been amazing. I've had 4 Sammies before and I couldn't ask for a more loving or faithful companion. Thanks to Yvette, Y-Not-Save-A-Sam, and all of the other kind fosters who helped change her life and ours. 





We'll have to follow up with some pictures later.





I was looking for an older dog to adopt, around 10 years old. I had raised and trained border collies before, but I have two little boys and don't have the time for extensive exercising anymore. I was hoping for more of a couch dog that I could cuddle with and take on walks. Yvette found the perfect dog for me, Maizee, a 10-yr old rescue from Korea with heartworm. Maizee came to Utah for a few months of vet treatments, and during that time I kept in touch and got more and more excited and attached. When it came time for adoption, it turned out that Maizee was actually only 2-3 years old, but she had been in such bad shape they thought she was older. It didn't matter to me anymore, I already had my heart set, and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is sweet, adored by my boys, and loves to look for critters everywhere.


My story, by Lucky. 

So I wake up one day and I hear I’m “Lucky” as I’m heading to America to maybe live in the OC. 

However, I’ve got other plans in mind. Move over Psy, with your Gangnam style domination, 
I’ve got my eyes set on Hollywood as well. And, here’s how I’m going to do it:

First, I shall land at LAX from South Korea with BIG sad eyes. Of course I will have messed all over myself so I will have to be let out of my carrier and cleaned up immediately after getting through customs. Baby wipes anyone?

Then, as my carrier is a pig pen inside, I will have to be hand carried through the rest of the airport for all to see my grand entrance on my way to Tinseltown. 

I will be quiet and demur as I enter my new dwelling and meet…WHAT ARE THESE? Others like me? One tells me she’s originally from Israel, the other from “Like the Valley” and yet one more from some place called Riverside County? EE Gad.  

First, I must win over the elderly one from Israel. She appears to be the growly puss and in charge. Do I play it dashing and debonair or do I give some attitude back? No time to think about that now as the valley dude wants to leap and play. Wee, this is fun. 

UH OH, now the tough one from the Riverside kill shelter is coming over to size me up. 
He’s scary looking!! Just like a GIANT white wolf with blue eyes. There’s the sniff, the tail wag…wait for it…WHEW…all good. It’s a playful ruckus in the yard for hours. 

That night, I played my cards wrong. I dared to growl at the veteran rescue from Israel. She growled back and then I went overboard as if I was going to attack and bite her. She started shaking terribly. I got in TONS of trouble and was told the OC people couldn’t call soon enough! 

Oh, it was a sleepless night. The time difference, the thoughts that I’d ruined my big chance at movie stardom, a mix of both?

The next day, no call from the OC. A few days go by and no OC call. I viewed this as my last possible in. I saw a commercial about to start on the TV that I knew so I ran over, flipped upside down in my cutest position and started being filmed getting a belly rub. That’s when the commercial started playing the song, “I’ve found my happy place.”

Hello? How could anyone pass me on now with this Hallmark moment recorded for history? And, I’d even started winning over the growly puss, giving her tons of licks and kisses. 

Oh, the OC call finally came for my possible viewing, but it was too many days too late. I had weaseled my way into this pack. 

What about the Hollywood stardom thing you ask? Well, of course with my personality and looks, I got cast in a movie called The Pipeline only a short time after that. It just happens to be a touching real life story about the building of the Alaskan Pipeline, in which there are snow dogs! 

Yes, I will be seen rubbing my furry elbows with the likes of iconic actors Claudia Christian, Barry Corbin, Wes Studi and others. My scenes with Claudia are epic if I say so myself. I will be strutting down the red carpet for the premiere in late 2016. 

So, now my life is full of fielding calls for my next project, making sure no cookies go stale and ensuring my favorite toy, or what’s left of it is by my side during all union naps. 
Good bless America…and for saving me to live the dream. 
Peace out! 
"Oops. Did I do that?"
"I'm the star here people!"
"I said I'll come down for my big scene when I'm ready!"
"My centerfold for an upcoming issue of CQ...Canine's Quarterly."
"Now what scene are we doing next? Oh yeah, Y6. This is the one were I get my close up with Claudia...MAKE UP!"
"See, it's all good dawg, she and I made peace."
"Uh oh!"

Adoption Listing

This beautiful guy is between 2 and 3 yrs old. Lucky is 48lbs. He is FULL of personality and LOVES going for car rides. Seems to favor women over men-but pretty laid back!


Chase, fondly known as Chasey Bear at our house (and formerly known as Mason), has been with us now for a little over 4 months.  I had been following Y-not-Save-a-Sam Rescue on fb, and was very drawn to "Mason" whenever his picture was posted.  When I inquired about him, I was encouraged to fill out an application and before I knew it, was notified by Yvette telling me that she thought our family would be a good match for him!  We were very excited and couldn't wait to get him home.  Getting him home to the Oregon coast from Logan, UT was accomplished by meeting up with Yvette in Boise, ID.  We appreciate all her efforts to literally go the extra mile(s) to meet us!  It was an incredibly long day of driving for this big fella and he seemed very happy and relieved when we finally walked in our door to be warmly greeted by another Sammy, his new big sister, Meeka.

Due to living out in the elements most of his life, his coat was very coarse and unkempt, and it was agreed with Yvette that he needed a new start by shaving his fur back a bit.  I am so happy to report that his new coat has grown back so incredibly soft and beautiful!  He gets prolonged hugs from everyone because you just can't help it - once you touch him you don't want to let go!  I have never felt such a wonderfully soft coat!  He also knew nothing about taking treats from your hand, begging, or enjoying the comforts of couches and pillows and blankies.  With his new sister to guide him, he quickly learned that treats are pretty good, pizza night is great fun, and the couch really is more comfortable than the hard floor.  

Chase loves going on walks and running on the beach with his sister, Meeka.  When we get to the end of our road, we can either go down to the beach or up through the woods and neighborhood.  The tide is usually our indicator of whether we go up or down.  Chase will always pull in the direction of the beach first, hoping that we go that way.  But even when I tell him, " no, we're going up this time", he will still give a happy bark and show just as much enthusiasm even though it wasn't his first choice.  He is always on the look out for deer and barks excitedly whenever he spots one.

At the break of dawn we start to hear Chase "talk" a bit, ever so softly at first, hoping to get us up.  When he senses movement, he "talks" a bit louder and when he finally sees someone up he jumps for joy, starts in on his happy bark and bounces and spins his way to the kitchen hoping for breakfast!  At this point, Meeka joins in on his enthusiasm, both making it impossible not to start each day with a laugh and a smile!

We are all truly in love with our Chasey Bear and are very thankful that he has found his way into our hearts and home!  Thank you  Yvette and Y-Not-Save-A-Sam Rescue for all the work you do to save these precious pups!  We are so glad to be this sweet fella's forever home and family.


Our Successful Story w/ Sofie =)

It's not easy to put into words how much Sofie means to us, but we'll try!  Sofie has brought us such joy and happiness from the day we met her at Logan Airport in Boston.  She was exhausted from her flight with Yvette, but extremely sweet.  She didn't have much to say on our car ride home to Connecticut, but that would change over the next few months.  She quickly knew that she was loved with daily walks, fenced in yard, and tons of toys all for her!  Sofie LOVES to have conversations with us (see video below) and she's become a regular at her grandparents homes in New York and in Massachusetts!  She loves playing sports (baseball, football, soccer - you name it!) - she's definitely our sporty girl....but that doesn't mean that she's any less girly.  Sofie is our polite princess who waits patiently for us by the stairs when she's ready to go to bed and she knows all of her commands including heel (that was a tough one for sure)!  We have morning time where she hops into bed and nuzzles in next to us and also has what I like to call "princess time" which means it's all about Sofie!  She loves getting brushed, is playful with dogs AND cats, and never turns down a good paw & ear massage.  Although it's only been 11 months, it feels like we've all been together forever.  I can't imagine not having such a sweetheart and beauty in our lives!  THANK YOU, Yvette, for giving us a chance with Sofie.  We may have rescued her to give her a happy home, but she just as equally rescued us in bringing immense FLUFF & happiness into our lives <3If you want to track how she's doing, she always has a lot to say on her instagram :)  @sof_luff_ie 

Thank you for ALL you do Yvette!  I hope more beautiful pups get matched with homes that are able to care for them.


I'd been following the Y Not Save a Sam Facebook page for a while and learned about how many Samoyeds were being rescued by Yvette. On November 14, 2015, I finally got up the nerve to let her know how much I appreciated the work she was doing helping Samoyeds in need, no matter where they were. I also offered to foster because I work from home. It was around Thanksgiving and I was thankful that I had such great dogs, so I wanted to give back. I'd also just gotten a raise at my job, so I figured I could afford to donate my time and money for vet expenses to help a homeless Samoyed.

Two sams, Kynlee and Narae were coming to the US from Korea and both were heartworm positive. Kynlee also had a problem with her front left foot in that it turned outward. It was somewhat difficult to tell what exactly was wrong, but it didn't seem to hurt her. Apparently, Kynlee was a stray from a pound and being heartworm positive and deformed, she was headed for death. The EFL rescue in Korea took her in and Yvette agreed to bring her to the US.

I agreed to foster Kynlee who arrived in Los Angeles on December 12. She was groomed and stayed in foster care for a day, and I met her at LAX on December 14 for our flight back to Tucson. While waiting for my plane, I got a call on my cell and learned I'd lost my job. Oops. But I made a commitment to Kynlee and that's what credit cards are for. At the airport, I also discovered Kynlee was in heat. Another oops. (But it all worked out, within 6 weeks, Kynlee was out of heat and I got another job.)

My husband and I agreed to rename Kynlee Tasha because we already have a dog named Kaylee and Kynlee was WAY too close. He met me and Tasha at the airport and although I'd never had a dog in heat before (mine are all spayed), I knew from other dog-lovin' friends what to do. On the way home from the airport, we stopped at WalMart and got pantiliners and my husband got some new underwear because Tasha was going to be wearing his old ones.

We took Tasha to the vet who examined her foot, and did another heartworm test and x-rays, which showed Tasha had some heartworm in her lungs, but none in her heart (stage 1). We also learned that her foot problem isn't a deformity because there's a huge scar. The injury must have happened when she was very young because of the way the bones grew (they bow outward). There are some risks associated with spaying a heartworm positive dog, but we were able to get her spayed and she came through with flying colors. She also had some issues with itchy skin. Because of being in heat a lot of her fur fell out and her tummy was shaved from being spayed, so she wasn't exactly the furriest Samoyed for a while.

Tasha went through the heartworm treatments according to the protocol outlined by the American Heartworm Society, which takes four months total. Tasha dealt with all the icky shots like a trouper and they loved her at the vet. We officially filled out the forms to adopt her January 13, 2016 and she was declared officially heartworm free on April 29. I discovered that heartworm treatments are another thing that causes fur to fall out. Tasha more or less completely replaced all of her fur in the last six months and now has a gorgeous sammy coat and a gigantic tail. She looks like a different dog, but she still has the same sweet expression and teddy bear ears that caught my attention in the first place.

I have taken her to two obedience classes and on October 18 she passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Next summer I'm looking into doing therapy dog work with her and maybe taking some rally classes. In the meantime, Tasha gets to go for tons of hikes both in Arizona and Idaho. The rocky soil in Arizona is hard on the oddly shaped pads of her funky paw, so she wears a little hiking boot and sock. Once she's got her boot on, she's a hiking machine and loves going on long hikes with our other dogs!

Thanks for all you do Yvette! ~ Susan (& Tasha too!)


We fostered Lucy from Yvette Nielsen and Y-not Save a Sam Rescue in September and then adopted her a few months later. She is now Sasha and a great companion for our Lab, Linkin, who is also a rescue dog from Four Paws Rescue. She is a sweet dog and has a great life now sleeping on a couch, keeping the deer and raccoons out of our yard and wrestling with her best buddy. A great Sammy. Good luck and best wishes to a kind lady who has saved countless Samoyeds and other dogs from a miserable life.


Here is Emma's  sucess story.  


Emma arrived from EFL and was fostered in Utah while receiving treatment for heartworm.  She joined are family on Halloween, arriving in a cute little sweater. Emma fits into our family and is a perfect buddy for our Chihuahua mix Sinjin.  Emma loves walks, cuddling on the sofa and chasing tennis balls while at the dog park.  Emma is learning to live with cats and the cays are learning to live with her.  Thank you Yvette  for your work  saving Samoyeds and other dogs!


I am so grateful to Yvette and Y-Not Save a Sam Rescue.  Yvette and the rescue group that she works with in South Korea (EFL) are reputable, care for animals, and work hard to get them into wonderful forever homes.    Yvette’s constant communication with updates and information were so helpful in guiding me through the process of bringing over a dog from South Korea. 

Y-Not Save a Sam tagged and saved a Korean Sapsaree from the pound in South Korea.  A few days later, she gave birth to 10 puppies!  Yvette has gone above and beyond to care for both Mama and pups, providing them the best care, and getting them all the US to be adopted into forever homes. 

We adopted one of the 10 puppies, Sabi, a Sapsaree mix.  He is such a joy and we are so glad to have him in our home.  He has the best temperament – so sweet, and joyful.  He is smart as can be too!  He learned to use our dog door right away, and doesn’t have a naughty streak at all.  He adjusted to life in the US in a matter of days!  We’re so impressed with how adaptable he is!

We had to wait several months to bring him to the US because puppies must get their rabies shot at 12 weeks, and then wait another 30 days before they are able to fly to the US.  Yvette and the rescue group in South Korea made sure all the puppies were up to date on their shots, and found them foster homes so that they would be well socialized from an early start.  They worked tirelessly to find a “courier” (a volunteer who is flying direct from Seoul to destination city through either Korean Air or Asiana Air, who allow pets to fly very affordably as excess baggage) to bring Sabi to Texas from South Korea.

Y-Not Save a Sam and Yvette have exceeded my expectations in helping us adopt this pup.  What seemed at first to be a crazy task (bring a dog in from overseas) ended up being as easy as Yvette explained.

You will be in good hands if you adopt through Save a Sam rescue, and if you are looking for a worthy cause, please consider donating.   Save a Sam is a 501c3 organization, and Yvette is able to help many wonderful dogs to find homes all across the US.


-Karin & Blake Haas

Carrollton, TX

October 2016


Almost three weeks ago, when I opened her crate at JFK, Kimmi stepped out and it was love at first sight. Sweet, gentle, incredibly affectionate Kimmi (formerly known as Mia) slept in my lap for the ride home and has slept on my bed every night. The next day, after calling “Mia, Mia” with no response it was time for us to pick another name. It must have been a good choice because by the afternoon of our first day, Kimmi had learned to come when she was called and to sit when asked, such a smart girl. We are working on down, stay and off as she is an impressive counter surfer to spite her small size. At the dog park I learned that she is an excellent herder as she re-arranges the other dogs especially those that out weight her by 100 + lbs.

Special thanks to Yvette, who saved my girl in South Korea, boarded her and arranged the 14 hour flight to bring her to me. We are both eternally grateful.


Keiko was formerly known as Elsa and quite skittish, but always had a little eye for the goofy and fun. Through the near year we've had her she's developed as a perfect playmate and companion for our little dog, Milo. We couldn't be happier having rescued such a wonderful dog. We cherish each moment with this beauty - and so does Milo! -- Westheimer Family



About 6 months ago we started fostering for Yvette, after our first foster she sent me a text with a picture of two little Pomeranian mixes coming from Korea that needed a foster home. We weren't really looking to get a 3rd dog but after seeing Nike aka Batman, we somehow knew if he came to our house he may just end up staying, but we accepted to foster them and awaited their arrival!
From the time he arrived we knew there was something special about him, he seemed to fit right in to our lifestyle and routine and was such a good boy! Even though our hearts seemed to have made their decision already, we wanted to give it a little bit of time before we made our final decision.
After 2 weeks we knew we couldn't bare to see him leave, we had fallen in love with him as hadd the rest of our crew! So we decided to make him officially part of our family! He's been such a great addition! And we absolutely adore him! Thank you so much to Yvette Nielsen and EFL for rescuing our sweet boy!!! You guys do amazing work!! - Luthi Family


After my first Samoyed died in 2005, my living situation did not allow me to get another dog.  Last year I moved to a house with a fenced backyard and began searching again for another Samoyed.  I thought I'd get a rescue this time.  For whatever reason, rescue Sams are hard to come by in Southern Califonria.  One I heard about at a shelter was gone by the time I was able to visit.  Another which showed up on SoCal Samoyed Rescue was adopted within a day - in between my visits to their website.
My sister (also a Sam owner) mentioned to me that Yvette was running a program to bring unwanted Samoyeds over from Korea.  I read up on the Y-not Save a Sam website and checked out their Facebook page.  A few updates down was a plea for anyone in the Southern California area who could do an airport pickup that Sunday and foster.  Talk about timing!  I hastily filled out an application to adopt, and a home inspector from National Samoyed Rescue visited and cleared my home less than 72 hours before Danny was scheduled to arrive.
Danny arrived healing from shoulder surgery (either he was abused or hit by a car while in Korea).  I thought he would be timid and scared, but he turned out to be mostly curious.  Nothing bothers this dog - he even lets me vacuum the loose hair off of him.  He quickly found the box of dog toys my sister had donated and began playing with them as if they were his all along.  At the dog park he preferred the company of people instead of other dogs, but soon found a few playmates and got busy getting dirty.
He has been everything I hoped for and more.  Playful, affectionate, gets along great with my family and my sister's Sam.  People have a hard time believing when I tell them he's a rescue.  My vet (who is Korean) gets a kick out of the fact that he responds to Korean commands like sit and come here.  I am very grateful to Yvette for working so tirelessly to bring these unwanted dogs over and matching them up with a loving home. -- Kim Family


Our beautiful Niki (was Nikita):
My life with Samoyeds (and Sammy-mixes) goes back to my childhood. Niki is #8 for me. The last four have been rescues - three from Samoyed Rescue of S Cal and our most current member, Niki, from dear Yvette and from Korea. Our home is now filled with three - Shayna is 14 1/2, Bailey 4 and Niki is 3. As you can imagine - Niki and Bailey are great playmates. 
Niki is not a full Sammy. We believe she is a mix of Japanese Spitz. Her transition has been the most challenging of our rescues but worth the adventure. She is a beautiful addition to our family and the sweet side gets sweeter every day!
The work of our Angel in Action, Yvette and Y-Not Save a Sam is truly the gift of life for these special Samoyeds! -- Ronda & Dennis Wilkin (West Hills, CA)


Klowee also known as Bug, Love Bug, Klowee Bear, Puppy, Lovey Dovey, and many other names was brought to us in sunny Southern California on October 7, 2015.  After being rescued from a puppy mill and then fostered by the AMAZING Yvette, Klowee, at 6 years old, found her forever home with us!  Words cannot even explain the joy, happiness, and love that she brings to our lives.  She loves basking in the sun, running with many dogs at the park, playing with her toys, singing with her mom in the car, playing “go fetch” at the beach, and most recently loves jumping into the waves! - Perfect since she now lives in Surf City aka Huntington Beach.  She has such a wide fan base and everywhere we go someone always knows her by name!  She is such a sweet and loving dog!  Often times the neighbors come by to play with her and take her on more walkies – which she loves.  Klowee loves to cuddle and she thinks that she is a lap dog, but that’s okay with us!  We can’t get enough of her!  We are so blessed to have Klowee in our lives and to receive her never ending love and give it back to her.  Thank you Yvette and all of the supports of Y Not Save a Sam!!! 


Zuri's success story:
My boyfriend and I first laid eyes on a Samoyed about 4 years ago and instantly fell in love.  We had never seen a dog so beautiful and we half jokingly said to each other, "If we get a dog lets get one like this!" I did a ton of research on the breed and felt that it was really the perfect breed for me - loyal, adventurous, playful, high energy, and very loving.  I am also allergic to most pets so I had to get a dog that was "hypoallergenic."  Despite all of that hair, I am not allergic to Samoyeds!  
When I moved to California I ran into two more Samoyeds, interrogated their owners about what it is like to have one, and decided it was time to adopt a dog.  I began researching different rescues around the country and I finally found Yvette's Facebook page and website after several months of searching on Google.  She posted a picture and a couple of videos of Zuri and her goofy personality just shined right through the computer screen!  I could tell that Zuri was a very happy, energetic, healthy dog.  Yvette was very honest about the information she did and didn't have regarding Zuri's health, personality, training, etc.  Yvette was remarkably well-organized with clear directions for how to get the dog from the airport.  She gave a ton of advice about training and caring for Samoyeds and checked in with me every day for the first couple of weeks. 
Zuri is a very quick learner.  She only relieved herself inside a handful of times and during the first month that she spent with me.  She is almost incapable of being aggressive, even when she has kids pulling her ears and tail and hanging all over her, or when she is being ganged up on at the dog park.  She avoids conflict with other dogs and is generally well-behaved.  I feel blessed that Yvette gave me the opportunity to be Zuri's human because she brings so much happiness to my life.  Samoyed's are wonderful companions and I recommend them to dedicated people who are willing to put in a decent amount of work for a huge reward.  They need a ton of exercise - this cannot be overstated! But if you follow through with that end of the deal, you will have a happy, loyal, affectionate, furry best friend.  
Yvette is extremely dedicated to her rescue and she works tirelessly to bring dogs into safety.  She is ethical and makes decisions using a lot of care.  Please thank and support her!

 Jackie Gilbert



Save a Sam pulled Yeti out of a shelter in Wyoming after he was found roaming outside of Yellowstone with another sammy.  When we got Yeti he was underweight and had healing scratches under his dense coat.  For the first few months he did not want to leave my side and had serious anxiety every time I would walk out the door. We often wonder what his life was like before Save a Sam rescued him.  A year later he finally trusts that he is safe in his forever home and is an amazing companion.  It helps that he has little Winter to keep him company now.  Winter was our third foster and an instant foster fail.  She came to us a little ball of fluff.  Yeti was head over heels from the time they first met and Winter is crazy about Yeti too.  These two are rarely more than a foot or two away from each other. The two balance each other out.  Winter's energetic sass and Yeti's calm mellowness are the perfect pair.  So happy that Save a Sam was able to pull them out of the puppy pokey and send these two awesome sammies our way. 


I'll send you some current photos of the two of them.


:-) Aliisa