Almost three weeks ago, when I opened her crate at JFK, Kimmi stepped out and it was love at first sight. Sweet, gentle, incredibly affectionate Kimmi (formerly known as Mia) slept in my lap for the ride home and has slept on my bed every night. The next day, after calling “Mia, Mia” with no response it was time for us to pick another name. It must have been a good choice because by the afternoon of our first day, Kimmi had learned to come when she was called and to sit when asked, such a smart girl. We are working on down, stay and off as she is an impressive counter surfer to spite her small size. At the dog park I learned that she is an excellent herder as she re-arranges the other dogs especially those that out weight her by 100 + lbs.

Special thanks to Yvette, who saved my girl in South Korea, boarded her and arranged the 14 hour flight to bring her to me. We are both eternally grateful.