It is just over a year since I drove out to Utah to get Sheba.

She enjoyed her ride back to New York.

She did not know how to play with Spender or Trudy. She also does not play with toys.

Sheba loves food and has the Non de Plume of Bubblebutt. LOL

She eventually started to play a little with Trudy after Spender passed.

On 12 July I got a 21 month old boy from my breeder because he needed a home because he did not make it as a show dog.

Sheba sometimes plays with both of my other Sams.

She also barks at them when they are playing and running in the house.

She prefers to stay in the house except when I am out working on my land and then all 3 of them wait in the yard until I come back.

i have pictures of her in my computer but can't figure out how to send them.She is such a good girl and sticks to me like glue.