Save a Sam pulled Yeti out of a shelter in Wyoming after he was found roaming outside of Yellowstone with another sammy.  When we got Yeti he was underweight and had healing scratches under his dense coat.  For the first few months he did not want to leave my side and had serious anxiety every time I would walk out the door. We often wonder what his life was like before Save a Sam rescued him.  A year later he finally trusts that he is safe in his forever home and is an amazing companion.  It helps that he has little Winter to keep him company now.  Winter was our third foster and an instant foster fail.  She came to us a little ball of fluff.  Yeti was head over heels from the time they first met and Winter is crazy about Yeti too.  These two are rarely more than a foot or two away from each other. The two balance each other out.  Winter's energetic sass and Yeti's calm mellowness are the perfect pair.  So happy that Save a Sam was able to pull them out of the puppy pokey and send these two awesome sammies our way. 


I'll send you some current photos of the two of them.


:-) Aliisa