Our Successful Story w/ Sofie =)

It's not easy to put into words how much Sofie means to us, but we'll try!  Sofie has brought us such joy and happiness from the day we met her at Logan Airport in Boston.  She was exhausted from her flight with Yvette, but extremely sweet.  She didn't have much to say on our car ride home to Connecticut, but that would change over the next few months.  She quickly knew that she was loved with daily walks, fenced in yard, and tons of toys all for her!  Sofie LOVES to have conversations with us (see video below) and she's become a regular at her grandparents homes in New York and in Massachusetts!  She loves playing sports (baseball, football, soccer - you name it!) - she's definitely our sporty girl....but that doesn't mean that she's any less girly.  Sofie is our polite princess who waits patiently for us by the stairs when she's ready to go to bed and she knows all of her commands including heel (that was a tough one for sure)!  We have morning time where she hops into bed and nuzzles in next to us and also has what I like to call "princess time" which means it's all about Sofie!  She loves getting brushed, is playful with dogs AND cats, and never turns down a good paw & ear massage.  Although it's only been 11 months, it feels like we've all been together forever.  I can't imagine not having such a sweetheart and beauty in our lives!  THANK YOU, Yvette, for giving us a chance with Sofie.  We may have rescued her to give her a happy home, but she just as equally rescued us in bringing immense FLUFF & happiness into our lives <3If you want to track how she's doing, she always has a lot to say on her instagram :)  @sof_luff_ie 

Thank you for ALL you do Yvette!  I hope more beautiful pups get matched with homes that are able to care for them.