Chase, fondly known as Chasey Bear at our house (and formerly known as Mason), has been with us now for a little over 4 months.  I had been following Y-not-Save-a-Sam Rescue on fb, and was very drawn to "Mason" whenever his picture was posted.  When I inquired about him, I was encouraged to fill out an application and before I knew it, was notified by Yvette telling me that she thought our family would be a good match for him!  We were very excited and couldn't wait to get him home.  Getting him home to the Oregon coast from Logan, UT was accomplished by meeting up with Yvette in Boise, ID.  We appreciate all her efforts to literally go the extra mile(s) to meet us!  It was an incredibly long day of driving for this big fella and he seemed very happy and relieved when we finally walked in our door to be warmly greeted by another Sammy, his new big sister, Meeka.

Due to living out in the elements most of his life, his coat was very coarse and unkempt, and it was agreed with Yvette that he needed a new start by shaving his fur back a bit.  I am so happy to report that his new coat has grown back so incredibly soft and beautiful!  He gets prolonged hugs from everyone because you just can't help it - once you touch him you don't want to let go!  I have never felt such a wonderfully soft coat!  He also knew nothing about taking treats from your hand, begging, or enjoying the comforts of couches and pillows and blankies.  With his new sister to guide him, he quickly learned that treats are pretty good, pizza night is great fun, and the couch really is more comfortable than the hard floor.  

Chase loves going on walks and running on the beach with his sister, Meeka.  When we get to the end of our road, we can either go down to the beach or up through the woods and neighborhood.  The tide is usually our indicator of whether we go up or down.  Chase will always pull in the direction of the beach first, hoping that we go that way.  But even when I tell him, " no, we're going up this time", he will still give a happy bark and show just as much enthusiasm even though it wasn't his first choice.  He is always on the look out for deer and barks excitedly whenever he spots one.

At the break of dawn we start to hear Chase "talk" a bit, ever so softly at first, hoping to get us up.  When he senses movement, he "talks" a bit louder and when he finally sees someone up he jumps for joy, starts in on his happy bark and bounces and spins his way to the kitchen hoping for breakfast!  At this point, Meeka joins in on his enthusiasm, both making it impossible not to start each day with a laugh and a smile!

We are all truly in love with our Chasey Bear and are very thankful that he has found his way into our hearts and home!  Thank you  Yvette and Y-Not-Save-A-Sam Rescue for all the work you do to save these precious pups!  We are so glad to be this sweet fella's forever home and family.