About our fees:

Rescuing dogs is a time-consuming and costly activity. We do everything we can to keep costs low. All dogs are fostered by volunteers who donate their time and energy to help the rescues learn important skills, get comfortable and prepare for their new homes.

We have important and priceless relationships with many individuals who help us groom the many wonderful dogs as well as organizations who assist us in low cost spay/neuter surgeries. Despite all this, rescuing a single Samoyed can cost hundreds of dollars between transport, temporary boarding, feeding, grooming, medical costs, etc. There are also times we are required to pay whoever is holding a dog to get them out of a tough spot.

We do not discriminate regardless of how rough, old or injured a dog may be. With this in mind, our fees are carefully calculated in order to keep the rescue running and saving dogs from horrific situations. When you adopt a dog, the fee is a donation to the rescue in order to pay for the costs of the rescue efforts of not just your new family member, but other dogs in need as well.

If additional fees are charged for travel, those fees are carried directly over. We do not make money on flights or other forms of transportation.

Thank you for your support!