Ash is ready to go to her forever home!

This sweet guy was seen by our local Vet. We have spent a good couple weeks with him, as we wanted to watch his behavior and actions. We did notice early on he does have a little bit of vision impairment but it doesn't seem to be cataracts. The cloudiness does affect his vision from straight on. If you approach quickly he will back up and turn his head so he can get a better look at you. 

He is one of the most friendliest dogs EVER! He is approximately 7/8 year old, if he is 9 he is in excellent condition. His joints are good, no signs of arthritis. His coat is growing in well. He does have some pressure wounds on his front elbows along with his tail.

He has a good appetite, he had a full dental done last week. Tartar buildup and one molar pulled. He has already put on weight as he was a bit thin. He has never barked but did give a warning growl when he was first introduced to the pack, but nothing since. He does not bother the smaller dogs but we believe he might be interested in chasing cats. 

If you are sitting down he loves to come put his head on your arm or should and lay with you. He is an incredibly wonderful dog.

Fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

I will travel some distance to deliver him to the perfect home. If he does need to fly to his new home, the adoption fee could be adjusted some. 

Adoption Fee: $250