Available for Adoption

We try our best to keep the information here up to date, but rescue work can be hectic.  Feeding, Barking, Pooping, Playing, Vet Care, Paperwork, more Poop...!  If you have questions, please contact us.



4-5 year old male

58 pounds

Neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped

Adoption fee $500

In foster home - Salt Lake City Utah


  • Received dental cleaning and follow up exam upon arrival from China 7/24/18

  • House trained, basic commands, leash training

  • Good with dogs and cats

    🐾JOEY is an active and affectionate dog who has rebounded completely from the poor conditions he was rescued from. He is eager to please and has quickly mastered house-training, sit/stay/down/off, leash manners, and “kitties are our friends.” He is extremely athletic and the fastest runner we’ve ever met. He loves racing through the the off-leash trail park near our house, pausing only long enough to greet every dog he meets. People always stop us to ask what kind of dog he is because he’s so super-fast and agile!
    Joey also loves playing with his babies, especially if a dog pal will tug with him or if his person will throw them for hours of fetching fun. In fact, Joey has been known to play with his babies for hours until he finally falls asleep on top of them. (We have photo proof and it’s adorable!) He is very, very careful with his babies and everything else in our home and has never been destructive. But what Joey loves very best is feeling part of the family. He loves to be near his people so whether you’re cuddling on the couch, making dinner or curled up in bed, he will likely be right at your feet, never crowding you but always wanting to be close. Of course, you might also wake up one morning to find him spooning you, but you won’t mind a bit when you look into his sweet little face and see so much love in his big brown eyes!
    Joey’s energy level and need for lots of active play make him ideal for a family with at least one other dog to play with. Joey is laidback and eager to get along with everyone, dogs and cats alike, and will do his best to fit in quickly. He loves to go anywhere in the car, but especially to dog parks and trails where he can run fast. He would excel in agility training courses! Mostly, Joey wants to be involved in everything his people do, so if you’re looking for an affectionate and faithful constant companion, Joey’s the dog for you!



2 years old, female

spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped

Adoption fee $500

In foster home - Northern Utah


  • Would do best as an only dog in the home; but cat friendly

  • House trained, leashed trained

  • Well behaved at the groomer and very polite and courteous with children

🐾Ella would do best in a home as the only dog she is very needy and very insistent on getting all the attention.  I don’t think BULLY is the correct word but she certainly makes it hard for anyone else to claim attention if she is near. She was previously fostered in a home with a giant pet bunny and when visiting the vet she ignores the cats. If you have a passenger expecting to sit in the front be aware, she will either beat them on the sit down or be right on their lap.  She is also very treat oriented and loves to eat.  She rarely barks but if she is not getting the attention she feel she needs she does like to misbehave - She will bolt out the gate, run 30 to 40 feet away and refused to come back until you put a leash on her and take her for a walk. She’s not particularly interested in toys but she sure loves affection, if you’re watching TV sitting at the computer or out in the yard she is usually very close by -  within arms reach. 

We may be willing to meet up with an approved adopter up to 300 miles. Air travel will not be permitted until after October 01.