Harry Dean

Harry Dean became part of our family in Oct. of 2015. His home in Korea was a backyard cage, rain or shine. He was fed scraps of kimchi and rice and didn't always have water. One day kindly neighbors unlocked his cage and Harry ran. He ended up at the EFL pound underweight and horribly matted. Harry's owners didn't want him back. EFL contacted Yvette and Harry's new life began.  Harry quickly learned our big backyard was his to race around in. He is friendly and gentle and loves car rides. He loves visiting my Mom because she lets him chew up her yarn and sit on her couch. And once a month the three of us walk with other Sammy owners that might include Ivan, Sophie and Pippin who are also Y Not Save A Sam rescues. One night I entered the den to find my husband sitting on the floor while Harry slept in his chair. My husband shrugged "its Harry's world" And when we ask, "Who's our good boy?" Harry smiles. He's our good boy and he knows it!

Floki (Lau)

Looking back, I realize that Floki (formally known as Lau) has been with us for almost two years now and it's hard to remember life without him. I had my concerns and worries about bringing this unknown into our lives, but I'm so happy we did!  He's such a sweet and wonderful love bug. He's a tolerant little brother to Koden and Lily and he's definitely a smart cookie with a goofy twist.

He was shy and a bit fearful when we picked him up, but we could see he was eager to learn and connect with us. We were warned that he might be fearful of men, but boy did that prove to be wrong. He's definitely a daddy's boy! My husband reminds me daily how much he loves my birthday present (we picked Floki up on my birthday). 

We had our concerns about how well he'd get along with our two senior dogs, Koden (14yr old blind mini Australian Shepherd) and Lily  (11yr old Cardigan Corgi). At a little over 3yrs old now, he's still a puppy but he gently wrestles with Koden and plays "chase me" with Lily every day. He respects that Koden is still the alpha and patiently waits for him to finish eating before trying to walk by.

He's a big love bug and will try to climb in anyone's lap, regardless of where they are (including the bathroom). He loves hanging out in the office with my husband when he works from home. Floki is the office assistant and Koden is the office buddy. Both help remind my husband when to get up and take a break. Floki loves to play, so we take him to the dog park and Samoyed play dates on a regular basis. This allows him to "get some wiggles out" and wrestle with friends his own size and energy level. 

We couldn't have asked for a better rescue. Whether we're hanging out at home, or at the dog park, Floki is always so happy. We consider ourselves extremely luck to have such wonderful dogs, and we couldn't be happier to have Floki as a part of our Knapp-Pack!

Thank you for all of the work you put into saving these wonderful dogs and for bringing Floki into our lives!


Andrea, Erik, Koden, Lily and Floki Knapp


Killy may be small but has a huge personality. Adopted by Jeff and Karissa in Washington state, he quickly settled in with siblings Gunner (a local shelter pup), and Sita (another China rescue), always looking to them for cues on "how to dog".  He loves exploring the woods on long hikes, proudly announcing himself wherever he goes. After three feet of snow fell in one week, he discovered his instinct and was almost impossible to get back inside. When he (eventually) gets tired, the snuggling begins, and he sticks to his people like a magnet (for a few hours at least, then it's back up and at 'em to do it all again.)


Wendy came to us during the Summer of 2018. She came when our family needed the love that only a doggo can provide. We may have "rescued" her, but she certainly rescued us too. Our daughter was only 9 months old when we brought Wendy home, and the two of them have grown together and are now quite inseparable. Our Facebook pages are littered with pictures of her trailing behind "her" kids, our 3 children. We often lovingly refer to Wendy as our 4th baby!! She has grown so much over the last year, and we couldn't feel more blessed to have her in our family!!