She came into our lives as a welcome angel right after I'd finished my 9 week course of radiation for breast cancer. She's a smart and active girl who loves chewing her rubber Chuckit ball and loves chewing her Nylabone and hoards all of the bones. She's definitely the boss and keeps her younger brother, Logan, in line. She likes to run and play at the dog park and her short "chirps" when she runs after other dogs make her sound like a monkey. She loves her food, and spins in circles before settling down to eat her kibble. Jinju likes to sleep partway under our bed at night, and often gets herself wriggled nearly all the way under the bed during the night. She's a spunky and loving gal, and Rick and I love her to pieces!



Adorable, Cute, Fluffy, Marshmallow, Majestic, Fur ball, Snowball, Precious, Soft, Happy, Smiley, Fun, Playful, Well behaved, Mellow, Calm, Snuggly, Cuddly, Beautiful, Awesome, Loyal, Obedient...

These are not the words I used to describe but they are the words of strangers, friends, and family. I can't take Kenobi out in public without getting showered in compliments. He truly is a beautiful animal and everyone who meets him immediately. Kenobi came home and immediately fell in love with us and we fell in love with him. He loves to snuggle and especially wants to be pet. He loves his walks, plays with toys and performs tricks. He's the best dog you could ever imagine. He is the best part of our family and our best friend. -- Adamson Family


Spending my time helping my daughter with her pet sitting business, my brother on his horse farm and loving my own harem of different breeds; There was no doubt my next dog would be selected with intent and it would be a Samoyed.  There is no breed that compares to their human like compassion, emotional intelligence, frisky yet gental play-fullness and loyalty.  My search began 2 years back in NC and turned up nothing.  There were no breeders, the Samoyed rescues had closed up or had no Samoyed available for adoption.  I broadened my search to the surrounding states.  SC and VA and again to MD, WVA, Fla.  Even looked into OH and IL (a far drive).  While Samoyeds were found here, Breeders wanted way too much $$$ and with no plans to show my Samoyed, there were no plans to pay THAT for a Sammy pup.  I found that some states would not adopt state to state and there was no transportation assistance offered in getting the puppy half way to me. My search continued as I began following Yvette's fb page. I saw many adopting beautiful Samoyeds and reporting beautiful victory stories but they all seemed to be in the western states. Realizing most of Yvette's adoptions were in the western states I reached out to her anyway sharing my story and desire for another Samoyed to join our family and the difficulty I experienced in finding one on the east coast and asked if she saw any opportunity to get a Samoyed to the East Coast (specifically NC).  I don't know how she did it?  It's brings me to tears to know how hard she must have worked to make this happen.  Many do not realize the obstacles that must be overcome and multiple arrangements that must be made to get a rescue dog from another country to the US, much less to a coast you typically do not frequently deliver to.  Within 6 weeks Yvette called me and said, "Can you get to the DC airport between March 24th-26th to pick up Finn?"  "YES!"  And so here is our victory story, our Paxton Finn Stinky BooBoo Boy.  We are so in love with him, and so blessed by Yvette and how hard she worked to bring us our hearts desire.  Before picking up Paxton Finn, we relished in the thought that we were rescuing a Samoyed from a Koren Kill Shelter but the truth is little this sweet Samoyed's and Yvette rescued us.  -- Coleman Family


For more than three long years, we mourned our Sammie, Kobe, and we dreamed of again having that smile in our family. Over the years, our hearts were broken by unsavory breeders and opportunities missed. When we met Yvette, we knew we met a kindred spirit. When she made it possible for us to bring our Sammie pup, Kuno home, we were overjoyed. For months now, Yvette has been a source of puppy know-how, reassurance and unconditional support. For those people who love dogs and wish each of them a loving, forever home, we wholeheartedly endorse Yvette's efforts through Y Not Save a Sam. When you see happy pups such as Kuno, you'll be convinced. --Novakoff Family

Keiko (FkA ELSA)

We are so lucky that we had the opportunity to adopt this beautiful Samoyed. My husband knew there was something special about this dog when we met her at her foster's house for the first time. She had only been in the USA for a couple of days. Although quite skittish upon meeting us, within a half hour she was playing with her toys and running around the backyard with such unbridled joy meanwhile having some curiosity about us. We were touched to see her enjoying life like this after learning that she had been in a puppy mill in Korea for two years and then dumped in a shelter and if not rescued would have been sent to the meat market. After meeting her briefly, she was sent to a trainer in San Francisco to help her integrate into life with people and learn basic dog training. At the time she had noise phobias and that was something he was also going to work with her on. We were interested to meet her again in a month to see how she progressed.

After a month had passed, we offered to foster Keiko (formerly Elsa) hoping that we could adopt her. When my husband drove up to see her again and spend some time with her before taking her home, he said, she has been transformed and so much more confident, friendly, playful, and sweet. They went on a great hike together and she let him put her on his lap and pet her on her belly. She was even calm at the dog park and came to him when he called her. He was excited to bring her home! The big question was how she would get along with our 12 pound little dog Milo! We not only wanted a Samoyed for us but we really wanted him to have a buddy!

Upon meeting Keiko, Milo was instantly in love wanting to play right away. She was easy going around him at first and was a bit nervous in general being in her new surroundings but within just a few days, Milo and Keiko were chasing each other around trees and playing every chance they got. We are so pleased with how docile and gentle she is with him too. Their personalities are so compatible together because he's a little alpha dog and she's more submissive. They have become the best of friends! It just warms our hearts. She has also become much more comfortable and confident in general and has gotten over many noises that used to make her terrified. It's amazing what love, patience, and a calm environment did for her and continues to do for her. We just love her. She's such a sweetie and we look forward to watching her come into her own more and more as she has progressed so well in such a short period of time already. --Julia

Murphy (FKA Dylan)

After searching rescues all over the US for over a year and being told repeatedly that unless I had someone to do a home visit, even though I had many Samoyed Club members who would verify for me that our family was a good one to take in an adopted Samoyed,they would not let me adopt. Some of these sammies were in shelters and one told me they were no kill and the sammie could just live there. A true savior on Planet Samoyed put me in contact with Yvette. We have had four sammies in our 40+ years of marriage, the first one rescued in Denver from some filthy dirt hippies (yes the 70's) selling sammie puppies out the back of a pickup truck at a flea market. Didn't know anything about the breed but fell in love
with our first sammie puppy and the rest is history. My dogs have been obedience dogs and therapy dogs, as well as the loves of our life.

This time we were hoping to adopt a puppy from Korea and then saw the pictures of Dylan the sick puppy at a vet in Korea that had been found on a pile of euthanized dogs, but because they thought he would just die on his own left him there to starve to death. We said we would take him and thought he was coming the middle of February but got an urgent call from Yvette saying he had to come in mid-January if he was to survive and so my husband, Tom, drove 1000 miles to LAX on a Friday and a 1000 miles back to Albuquerque on Saturday with Dylan.

What came over was a puppy barely weighing 10 lbs and at least 5 months old. He had been without food for so long that his body was eating all the fluids out of his joints. Our vet was in shock and was truly afraid he wouldn't make it. But Dylan, now called Murphy, which means sea warrior, and he did come across the sea and is a fighter, proved everyone wrong. He is a survivor. He is still small for his age as his body is still recovering from the starvation, but he has come so far and is one of the sweetest little boys we could ask for. Though small for his age he is definitely a sammie. If Yvette hadn't taken a chance on us, Murphy would not be here today. Hopefully later we will be able to add another Samoyed to our family and we definitely will go to Yvette to save another one. What rescue groups would not do for us, Yvette has done and made our family so happy --Thank you Jennie


Katie was brought into our lives by Yvette last summer 2014. She was a owner turn in at the Tucson shelter. Yvette knew I was looking for another Samoyed, but couldn't find one in Arizona. She found out that Katie was turned in and contacted me, I told her absolutely. We got in the car and drove 2 hours to Tucson to pick her up. She is a great addition to our family. We not only adopted a beautiful little girl at 8 years old, she adopted us right away. I thank Yvette for helping me find my baby. -- Jackie


In March 2012 we were returning from Alaska after having enjoyed the start of the Iditarod sled dog race. Our flight took us through Salt Lake City. A few days before I had received an email from Yvette saying that a 3 ½ month old Sammy puppy was up for sale and adoption and would I be interested? She was the offspring of a very unscrupulous breeder (who is still breeding by the way) who had sold her as a Christmas puppy and the current owners had grown tired of her and had her up for sale. We met the owners and the pup at our hotel adjacent to the airport. She immediately stole our hearts. When we told the then owners we wanted to make her part of our family the asking price suddenly went up $100. I explained we just didn’t have the additional cash and the then owner said “well I have another buyer then”. Dejected we flew on home knowing that this adorable Sammy belonged in our home. Not six weeks later, I receive another email from Yvette and she says guess who’s up for sale again? My roommate and I knew that it was destiny. We contacted the then owner (owner number three) negotiated a price and planned our trip to Salt Lake City. This adorable Sammy then known as Kasha with the biscuit ears and nuggets of biscuit scattered on her nose, back and side was immediately renamed Natasha Black Hills Gold. More affectionately known as Tasha. As with any Sammy, she was by no means perfect. We had to do some housebreaking, which went very well. For as we all know Sammy’s deep down are very smart. Likewise, we all know Sammy’s have a tendency to be very inquisitive, like to chew, and when you try to scold them look at you with those black eyes and that irresistible Sammy smile, which invariably melts your heart. Over the next year and a half, even though she was provided numerous enrichment activity toys, she managed to go through four or five pair of glasses, a water bottle, DVDs, a camera lens, three TV remotes at last count, two pairs of shoes a 40 pound bag of potting soil and numerous squeaky toys have been systematically disemboweled. But our love for her has never waned and we are forever grateful for you Yvette having found her for us. We can only imagine and have often discussed where she might be today had she not found her forever home here in South Dakota. Oh we forgot to tell the part where when we had her spayed we had the vet check to see if her hops were “ok” because we wanted her to be able to do some skijorning and learn to pull a sled. Yup, you guessed it, because of her dubious breeding her hips were not in any shape for heavy pulling and there is a huge chance she will develop dysplasia when she gets older. So off to the Colorado State School of Veterinary Medicine to see if anything can be done. Nope was the answer. But she is our baby, always will be and we love her. Thank you Auntie Yvette! --Denise Parker


I first saw Whitney in a photo from Korea with another larger Samoyed on Facebook. I told Yvette I would take one. This was back in the very beginning about two and a half years ago. She was named Lilac and is the very first Korean dog to come to the US through Yvette's YNot Save a Sam group. Many kind donors helped out with expenses to bring her to our family. Lilac arrived at LAX. We were there holding signs for the gracious mother and son who couriered her from Korea. My hubby Roger wanted to get away from the crowds and traffic at LAX. So he proceeded to drive off with Lilac without taking her photo. This caused a lot of anxiety in poor Yvette who was worried and editing for news and photos of our first Korean Sam. We all got home safe and got some photos of the happy arrival. We decided to rename her Whitney.

At first she was a bit rambunctious. She chewed up a lounge cushion and a few other things. We taught her English without an accent. Lol. She was two years old and very energetic. Whitney gets along with our other dogs and is our foster pup's best friend or mom. Whitney has settled down. However, she is still a character and recently got stuck on a sticky trap. She likes to sleep on our bed.She insists on licking my head when I'm sleeping. She loves tug of war. We love her and are do grateful to Yvette for bringing her here from Korea for us. --Roger, Karla, and RJ Scherer


Buddy was found by Yvette in a shelter in Arizona. he was fostered by the wonderful rescuer, Kim Handsaker and her family. After she got him through Desert Tick fever and mammary cancer, he moved to California to live with us. We became fast foster failures.
Buddy's favorite hobby is sleeping, he also likes walks and jumps up when he sees a leash. He's got the lowest voice ever and he's a big dude at 90 pounds. He's our big love. Thanks to Yvette and Kim for bringing him to us. --Roger, Karla, and RJ Scherer


Our beautiful Mia, adopted through Yvette and her organization, YNotSaveASam, truly rescued us. We had lost our wonderful Sammie after 13 years of unconditional love. Our hearts were broken. It was March and we told Yvette we would probably be ready to add a Sammie to our home in the fall. Thankfully she didn’t pay any attention to what we said and sent a return message with Mia’s picture and wrote “Mia, just arrived”. Fall came early, mid March. We truly believe Mia is a gift from heaven that was facilitated by Yvette. All Samoyeds are special and sweet but she is just something extra special. Mia was an owner give up and did not come from a bad situation. In fact, she has only know love and kindness and gives both back in large measure to everyone she meets. --Pat & Steve Jacobson


Meet Shadow and Iggy, the two newest members of the Whitworth Family. We first met them when Yvette sent me pictures of two dogs in the Ulsan Pound in South Korea. They had both been there for over four months in tiny little cages and didn’t have much time left before being euthanized. I could not choose which would get to live and which would not, so we applied to adopt both. Two months later, the boys were on their way to Idaho! It took an unbelievable number of special people to coordinate this adoption, both in Korea and in the United States.

We picked the boys up on April 6th and brought them home. I was concerned about them meeting our other dogs, but my concerns were unfounded. From day one, all of the dogs have gotten along just fine.

Shadow and Iggy did come with trust issues of people and fears of so many new things. The doggy door was terrifying, as was being outside. Neither was really excited to walk in the grass, especially when it was dewy! Of course they did not know English or any basic commands, or even how to function in a house and a family. We began working with a dog trainer with experience in helping dogs with issues. It has been less than two months and both dogs are doing great! You can see their trust issues resolving all of the time. They are comfortable in their environment and are becoming more relaxed. They are truly loved members of our family! --Ginger & JR Whitworth


Sunny (Songi) came from Ynot Save a Sam Rescue and is doing extremely well. Fred's (her new master) Vet was extremely impressed with the thorough paperwork that came with Songi from Korea. Fred and Gizmo (Sunny's new "boyfriend" just love her. She loves them and her big back yard to play in. She enjoys 'dog parties' and BBQ's with Fred and Gizmo She even has her very own plush chair to sit and watch TV. This is living happily ever after... --on behalf of Fred Clapp


Ghost came from a horrible situation in South Korea. His first stop was to a vet in CA where he had 2 teeth pulled. He then flew to Chicago Christmas Eve. CER the rescue he arrived at called me New Year’s Eve and asked if we could foster a little boy for them. We have only adopted but I was happy to help.
I picked up Bo Bo to bring him home and decided he needed a name to fit him and his journey. An author friend of mine had written a story about a Navy Seal codename Ghost. He was a survivor and so was this boy. Of all the names I tried, he only responded to Ghost.
Ghost has had lots struggles with his health since we got him. He followed me around and slept with me, his head on my pillow many nights. He didn't play and has no idea how to even be a dog. We have 2 American Eskimo dog boys that were very interested in teaching him how to do all the things dogs do. Ghost finally got a clean bill of health early May. We have work to do on his house training but he has blossomed into a delightful puppy. He loves chew toys, Nyla bones, raw hide bones and more. He would meet us at the door with the boys and bark. Today he started jumping up on the door and wow he is quite the jumper.
I'm sure you are wondering does he have a forever home yet??? Absolutely!!! I am thrilled to say this soon to be 5 year old boy is our foster failure. When I was asked what I would like for Valentines Day I didn't hesitate, I wanted my boy Ghost.
Thank you Yvette Nielsen and everyone involved in saving my wonderful unexpected addition.
Thank you for saving all that you have. --Mary Lodes and Kathy Dulaney


Kameo (Kamey): From Survivor to Thriver--A dedicated South Korean Lady dog rescuer pleaded for a very sweet but badly injured Samoyed mixed dog to be a last minute addition to the Samoyeds that Yvette had already committed to sponsoring & flying to the US so they would not end up sent to the butcher factory for human consumption in South Korea. Yvette is very dedicated to saving these poor Samoyed dogs that are all destined for the cooking pots. Was Kameo too far gone or not? Nobody thought Kamey was worth it except for the lovely Korean lady rescuer & Yvette who somehow found the extra money; Kameo had a broken pelvis, heart worm, intestinal parasites & weighed only 22 pounds of literally skin & bones. Now lets jump from August 2014 South Korea to Sept 2014 when Kameo arrived at Yvette's; thanks to her vast open heart, knowledge & loving care she slowly breathed a new life into Kameo's tortured body & spirit. It was discovered Kamey was deathly afraid of brooms & big dark plastic garbage bags; one can only imagine the horror this dog went through. Kameo did recover and thanks to Yvette's welcoming and playful dog pack at her home/rescue center and Yvette's family & especially her two granddaughters Kamey was socialized. Despite of everything she is a very gentle, sensitive, keenly smart, friendly, sweet and loving dog. Now nine months later in June 2015 my family and I and friends and neighbors know how very lucky we are to get such a caring and intelligent dog. I have searched for many months to find a dog with a kind of personality and smarts that would be a great fit in our home & I have found her in Kameo. I am disabled with rheumatoid arthritis and my aging service dog Barney is nearing retirement. I have a cane but Barney helps me in and out of chairs and up and down stairs. Kameo is very gradually taking over as my new service dog; Barney, my black Samoyed mix from San Francisco Samoyed rescue, is having so much fun romping and wrestling with her as well as out frequent visitor and neighbor dog Finnley ( a red-headed Border Collie mix) who completes our little pack--Kamey loves her boys! So I give you Kameo from bag-of-bones to new service dog wonder! --Amaroq de Quebrazas

Dakota (FkA Jordie)

I have had the joy of having Samoyed’s most of my adult life. I fell in love with the breed years ago first by their beauty and that incredible “Sammy smile” and later with my first Sammy Misty, fell in love with her incredible demeanor and the unconditional love and kindness she possessed. After losing Misty, I decided to get a male and female so they would have a buddy. I lost my Bailey and Brandy over the last 2 years at 14 years and 15 years. They all were such wonderful angels on earth to me and it was extremely painful for me with each of their passing. I decided to bring small dogs into my life so found 2 West Highland Terriers, Dexter and Daisy. I love them too, but I still missed having a Sammy in my life. They are such kind, gentle, and loving dogs. Last December I decided to try and contact the SCSR (Southern California Samoyed Rescue). Most of the rescue sites are outdated and I was skeptical that I would even get a call back. To my surprise I got a call back within the hour. Marsha told me that it was rare that someone would turn in a Samoyed in So Cal but that they were doing some rescue work with Ynotsaveasam Rescue from Korea and were working on bringing 3 more to the US. She immediately got back to me with pictures and details. Christmas Eve Jordie (now Dakota) arrived at LAX. I was working with Karla on the adoption and when she, her husband and son pulled up to my house and I saw Dakota, I knew he was mine and my next angel on earth. Dakota has been with us for 5 months now and he is the sweetest, most gentle and loving dog I have ever had. For whatever horrors he had been through and was headed for he is such a joy. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

I want to commend all the volunteers both in the US and abroad that were involved in saving my Dakota and all the other rescues and heartwarming stores that have happened to date and continue to happen. I wish we could save them all!

I am happy to say Dakota has put on 7 pounds since he arrived, his fur is growing back, and all the red discoloration is gone. He is so handsome! He loves to go for a walk and interact with everyone in the neighborhood. Everyone he comes into contact with loves him and they always say, I can’t believe he is a rescue, he is so beautiful. One of my biggest joys is watching how peaceful he sleeps and I truly believe he knows he is now safe, has a meal in his belly twice a day and is loved.

Please consider adopting a Sammy or if not, please help by donating to help save many more. --Terri Anderson


I began my search for what would be my 4th Samoyed. I was open to finding a puppy or a younger dog to bring into my family. My last Sam, Yukon, passed away in 2012 at the age of 11. Being newly divorced and on my own, I was lonely. I really wanted a Samoyed. I joined groups for rescue Samoyeds on the East Coast, scanned the ads and sites, joined Facebook Groups. I made call after call to breeders, looking for information about their litters and availability. There wasn't anything that had really clicked for me, nothing felt right. I had filled out application after application, but nothing became of it. I was discouraged and disappointed. Then a friend that I had met on Facebook sent me to Yvette. At first, I didn't think that I would hear back from Yvette anytime soon. A few days later, she had received my application and we began discussing options. Just a little bit later I heard back that there was a boy that was being treated for a medical condition and would be available at the end of January. As it turned out, Yvette had arranged transport from Korea for him a whole month earlier. I was surprised and excited, nervous and scared to death all at the same time! I wasn't ready, but I was ready, and I knew that I couldn't wait for him to get here! I felt like a new mother shopping for all the good stuff I was going to need for the new baby and I knew I was ready! We made the 4 hour driver to JFK in New York, where we met Bjorn's(Owen) new mom and dad. I think they were as apprehensive and excited as we were. He was rambunctious and full of energy and absolutely handsome! I fell in love immediately. Kanin is a bundle of energy and just loves to be around people. I call him the "Samoyed Ambassador" for the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We go to many different functions, town carnivals, festivals and parades. He even won "fluffiest dog" and "best rescue story" at the Oxford Day festival. I tell everyone his story and they are amazed. Right now, we are in the process of "Good Dog" training, with the goal of being a therapy dog. He visits the local nursing homes and hospice homes, brings smiles to the faces of everyone he meets. He brings a smile to my face every moment of every day, and I can't imagine life without him now. --Carolyn Coyle


…when Yvette asked if I could foster a Korean rescue that had just arrived in California for a few days I said sure… in the back of my mind I knew once she got as far as my house I’d probably never be able to let her go… and even tho I faked it for a few days I was a doomed foster failure from the 1st minute I saw her! Kenzie is so much fun and she pretty much crowned herself Diva and completely rules the white boys and especially my lab/golden mix (…another foster failure on my part… ) … she came shaved in May 2014 because she was so matted but was still a cutie… and now she is gorgeous as well as fun, smart, sweet… you name it…! I can’t express enough how much I admire Yvette for the work she does for this wonderful breed… and I'm so thankful she made it possible to have Kenzie in my family…! --Valerie Bradley

kona (fka blaze)

We are so happy that we adopted Kona from YNotSaveaSam Rescue! In spite of a poor beginning in life, he is one of the most loving Sams I have ever had. He fit into my family and has re-energized my older dogs. Kona came from Wyoming and was only about 6 months old when we took him. He immediately learned to love being inside and starts every morning by giving us kisses and wanting love. He never chewed anything but brings us items from around the house, which is too funny when he walks up with a towel and gives it to you. Kona is super smart and has been easy to train. Of course treats helped!! We are forever grateful for our beautiful baby! --Karen Zulkowski


A former live-in boyfriend had two Samoyeds, which is how I fell in love with the breed. After he moved out, my house was so empty that I knew that it was time for me to get my own. I ran into a gal in town (Bend, Oregon) who told me about Yvette and her rescue work.

I contacted Yvette, and we put the wheels in motion for me to get Trek. (I cancelled the wait list order that I had placed for a puppy from a local breeder.)

A few months later, I drove down to SFO to pick up my darling boy; I will never forget the moment when I opened his crate door and our new life together began. Yes, he is still smothering me with kisses. Trek is a WonderDog. He is funny, he is a lovey-boy, he is playful, his coat was a mess (but we are learning together about brushing). Trek and I have truly become best friends — he hops into the drivers seat of my car when I leave him to go into a store. He loves riding in the car (since he’s not allowed on furniture at home, the back seat is his special sofa). My friends see me on the street with him, and they know it’s me, because they see Trek before they see me!

We truly rescued each other. I will be forever grateful to Yvette and her organization for the opportunity to Save A Sam, and for bringing Trek into my life. I am still sharing my story with friends; all of them are amazed. --Ginger Carney


Here is Gusty the first day we got him. He was the bundle of energy that you promised. I wanted a dog to pull me on my scooter and on my skis, he certainly was more than willing to do that. He filled out a lot once we'd had him for a while, and I liked to joke that we had adopted a tongue with some kind of white dog attached.

When the weather cooled off I put him in harness with my husky mix and trained them to pull together. We entered our first race (a dry land event).

Eventually moving on to skijoring. On the day this picture was taken, I ran both dogs about 9 km. At that point my husky mix was exhausted, and I dropped her off in the car while Gusty and I did another 6 or 7 km.

The following year I ended up moving to South California. To my surprise, both dogs did pretty well in the relative heat. Vita (my husky cross) retired from mushing, but Gusty still pulls me about 6 or 7 miles every Saturday when the weather is cool. We have to do this very early in the morning before it heats up.

A lot of rescues balked when I told them I was looking for a dog to play with, not just a companion animal. One husky rescue in particular told me to find a breeder and not adopt. That is very good advice for someone intent on winning races, but that never was my goal. I wanted a companion animal to play with, not an Iditarod champion.

Having spent far more years around collies than sled dogs I still am taking aback when I watch my dogs play. Sled dogs look like they are attacking each other when they play – lips curled back to show vicious teeth and pink gums, growling, snarling, and barking. But they break it off instantly if I call them over for a treat, and somehow they simply don't end up injuring each other.

Sammies seem to have a very wide range of what is normal, in terms of energy. Some seem to really like a quiet long cuddle; others seem to be unable to sit still for very long. Most folks want quieter dogs, but I like very energetic dogs that can run and run and run. There are a few consistencies with the breed; everyone owning a Samoyed realizes that Samoyed fur is both a covering for a dog, a fashion statement for humans who wear dark clothing, part of normal decorating (in dust bunny form), and a spice that seems to find its way into food.
I guess my advice to someone considering adopting a dog is to think about what you want in a dog. How much energy do you really want? A dog that will run for 16 km in a day is not likely to want to curl up on the couch and watch movies with you all day. If you want a long haired dog like a Sammie, are you really going to groom him every week? Are you okay with dust bunnies … every Sammie home has them.
I've had 2 Sammies thus far. Both have been stubborn, willful, and not particularly biddable. Each has at some point or another ended up off leash unexpectedly and has chosen to not run away.
I found you when I was looking to adopt a Sammie and my local Samoyed rescue just didn't have a suitable dog. You shipped Gusty half way across the country … now he has been part of my family for several years, and we have moved from being 1500 miles east of you to being hundreds of miles west of you. Gusty has improved the lives of everyone he's touched. Thank you for connecting us.

Gary Hughes-Fenchel

Kuma, Kili and lucky

I’m sure that everyone has heard the saying, “When God closes a door, He opens a window”. This is exactly what happened for us last year. Sadly, we lost our Samoyed Kai to brain cancer. Although devastated, we were put into contact with Yvette and the story goes from there. We adopted Kuma and Kili through her Korea connections last July. I have to admit that it was not easy joining these two rambunctious, naughty, playful, no manners, loud, silly, stinky, crazy, lovable, cuddly, kissable, beautiful heart tugging kids. Yes, it was a challenge, but what little furry monster isn’t? They had a few issues to overcome but once they did, words cannot describe how beautiful and affectionate they’ve become.

We love them unconditionally and we are one big happy family! Oh, did I mention Lucky, the senior Sammie? We were just giving him a transport from one town to another…guess who lives with us, too? Nothing will ever come between us, well for Kili-maybe a snack, Kuma-a toy, and Lucky-a kiss and FOOD!! They mean more than the world to us! Thanks Yvette for all that you do! Your efforts have fulfilled our hearts once more! --John & Vicki and the furry gang in Tahoe!


It wasn't long after meeting Sissy for the first time that we knew she was going to have a permanent place in our hearts and in our home!

After meeting Sissy and her wonderful foster mom at the dog park, we requested a home visit to see how our current puppy, 3 year old Great Pyrenees Louie would do having to share his bones, toys and affection with another dog. They got along so well that we knew we couldn't live without her!

It’s only been about 6 weeks since Sissy joined our family but she is fast becoming used to her new 1.5 acre backyard, a million squirrels to chase, spa days, going to college track meets, road trips and will be taking her first (we think) boat trip this summer.

We don’t know what her past was like but we are sure that her future will continue to be smothered in kisses, good food and tons of love with her new puppy brother Louie, and her new family! --Tammy and Drew Burbidge


When we heard that we were getting Bjorn (Owen), we were so happy! Our 21 month old Samoyed female, Asta, wanted a buddy and from pictures we had seen of Bjorn we could tell that he would be good with other dogs (plus, we loved his one ear down and one ear up). We were hoping to get a younger dog so that the two dogs could be rambunctious together, and we still are not sure how old Bjorn is, but the second that he and Asta first were in the backyard together, we were positive it was the right decision. Because Bjorn had recently been neutered, we waited until his stitches were out to let him run. And since he was still being treated for eye issues, the vet asked that we keep him wearing a cone for a few more weeks. But that didn’t stop Bjorn from running like crazy in the backyard with Asta, with the largest smile of joy we have ever seen on a dog!
From the first day when he came home and slept like a baby at my feet, to the next two weeks when he was healing from his surgery, putting on needed weight, and getting to know Asta, our cat Nyssa, our house, English words like “sit” and “down”, and many new kinds of food and treats, to the last two weeks when his fur has been growing in like crazy and his goofy, rambunctious personality is coming out, it has been a blast. We have never had trouble teaching him the word “come” because he follows us around and/or comes the second that we call his name. And he doesn’t just “come”, he does it in a “happy run” (a light trot). We really can’t imagine life without him. We are so grateful to Yvette and her team who rescued him, took care of him in Korea, and got him here to us. We are determined to erase every negative memory he might have by cramming the rest of his life full of safety, love, as much food and treats as is good for him, and the fun that he so deserves. --Janet Lindstrom


My husband and I had never lived with a dog, didn't know much about them, and didn't think we'd ever own one. We both thought Samoyeds were beautiful so I gave him a big stuffed one for our first Christmas and we thought that was that. When our girls were almost grown, one of them started texting me "What's that breed of dog Dad likes? This woman I know has one!" She and a friend, who knew Yvette, were visiting the puppies and Yvette's latest rescue had taken to my daughter. It felt right, but I was nervous. Yvette suggested that we “try him out" for a few days and nights. He still had his original collar, and I learned the story of how he'd been abandoned and starved at less than a year old. Yvette had doubled his weight, socialized him and made sure he was caught up with his shots, etc. When we decided to adopt him she gave us his favorite toys and also met us at the vet to pay for his last round of shots and orient us to the experience. She has been very patient with all of our naiveté and questions. Our dog has terrible separation anxiety and sometimes we impose on her to babysit. She's always very kind about it and he LOVES any chance to see her and Russ and play with his sammy pack.

Not only has he been just what our family needed, but our friends have all fallen in love with him too. We've remarked many times how naive we were about dog behavior and breed differences and how lucky we were to have gotten the perfect breed for us. --Eleanor and Hayley Wellings


After adopting my first Samoyed, Pippa, and falling head over heels in love, I started doing research so that I could find another one to join my family. It was not that easy. I did not want to go to a breeder when I knew so many were being euthanized every year. The lovely person we adopted our female from put us in contact with Yvette. When I called her I told her I wanted to adopt a Samoyed in need...well I went to the right place. To be honest, I was quite overwhelmed with everything that was happening to dogs in Korea, but when I saw pictures and knew their fate I could no longer ignore the unsettling reality. I committed to take a large male Samoyed. The only thing that was important to me was getting him here safely. Yvette helped make that happen! He was severely abused and I knew he would not find a home easily if I did not take him. He did require a little more patience and TLC than most, but he is the most amazing and loving companion I could ever imagine! He is so smart and well behaved. He is loyal and loving and the best addition to our family. It breaks my heart that people hurt (eat!?) these beautiful creatures, but we can continue to help by rescuing more and spreading the word. Luca is an ambassador for his breed and dogs in general since he inspires me every day to help animals that are not as fortunate as him. Yvette's organization saves so many lives and I am so grateful for my Luca. --Gretchen G.