Y-not Save a Sam is primarily a Samoyed rescue, however occasionally they rescue other breeds and my Gui is one of those other breeds. He is a Jindo mix from the EFL shelter in South Korea. I have a Jindo mix and knew that I wanted to adopt another Jindo. I looked long and hard to find a rescue that had a Jindo available who fit my criteria. Yvette worked with me to get Gui to Colorado. In the 3 months since I adopted him, he has proven to be a wonderful addition to my family! He is a great dog with an awesome smile who has bonded with my other Jindo mix, Honeybear. I am so thankful to Yvette and Y-Not Save a Sam Rescue for opening their hearts to all dogs in need and helping these dogs find new loving homes. I cannot imagine my life without Gui! – Meyer Family


We had been scouring for available Samoyed pet adoptions for about a year until Nari joined our family in June. She instantly bonded with our older husky and displayed her affectionate personality. Nari loves people, she can't get enough of them. She wants nothing more than to love and be loved (and occasionally steal my socks). Whenever I work from home, she's either curled up next to me or laying on my foot. If my wife is walking around the house, she's attached at her hip. We love our fluff ball and are so thankful that Yvette helped us find her. --The Fort Family


Life is so much more fun now! Cassie Grace is the sweetest most loving Samoyed ever! She loves walking and scampering and chasing squirrels! She kind of bounces along and adorable and so gentle!

She cuddles with you and she goes with me to work every day and does not bark when she is working! She stays in her office supervising, greeting anyone coming in, sleeping, and playing! When I am the only one left she lets me know if someone is coming.

She loves to please! She mastered the doggy door at home and going outside to potty on the grass in 2 weeks! She can jump 5 feet when chasing a squirrel but has not jumped over a 20 inch gate to the cats' room! The cats jump the gate going back and forth and Cassie lets them have their space! When she catches them, she kisses them!

When I do my exercises, she shows me how easy it is for her to do her stretches right next to me...

Cassie is a wonderful companion!

Major thanks to Yvette for doing such a great job matching up the right Samoyed for the right person! – Bryan Family


I’ve loved and owned Samoyeds for many years, but when my husband and I decided to add a new one to our family, we were met with nothing but disappointment. In the 13 years since buying our last Sammy, we discovered that the breed had become so uncommon in the United States that there were none available from local rescues, and breeders had lengthy waiting lists (not to mention outrageous prices). One day, when walking my elderly Sammy, someone in the neighborhood approached me and told me about his own three Samoyeds, and all about Yvette’s rescue. I contacted Yvette, and it wasn’t long afterward that we found ourselves at LAX, picking up a nine-month old girl.

From the minute we drove our new baby home we were in love. Originally named Karma, we decided to give her a Russian name, Maya, to honor her breed’s heritage. Even though Maya was in a strange country with people she didn’t know, she adapted quickly and bonded with us immediately. She was untrained, and had never been spoken to in English, yet it was only a matter of days before she was housebroken, crate trained, and responding to commands. She is incredibly loving and eager to please, not to mention smart! She has also been very gentle and loving to our rescued Chihuahua, four cats, and parrot. She has the sweetest temperament, and loves every person and every dog she meets. Whenever we’re out in public, people ask about the breed and want to know where I got such a beautiful dog.

I feel truly blessed to have found Yvette’s rescue, and to have my beautiful Maya. I can’t imagine life without her. Thank you, Yvette, for all the work you do in helping this amazing breed. -- Valentino Family


Thank you Save a Sam for rescuing my wonderful boy Shaudi. Saudi is a happy healthy Samoyed and I couldn't love him anymore. Save a Sam rescued him from South Korea where otherwise a grim life was awaiting him. I was able to adopt him early this year and bring him to my home in Los Angeles. He has been a loving addition to my household. Saudi is very well behaved and is gentle and affectionate towards my fiends. He loves to play, go everywhere I go, and especially hiking. He has hiked up several peaks in Southern California with, and cannot wait for our next outdoor adventure. -- Movlay Family



Falcor has been with me for over a year and a half, and he's doing amazing. He loves running around the yard with the pack, looking for mischief and going for walks/hikes. He loves belly rubs and to give his paw. He has made friends with the kids and dogs in our neighborhood, and my family and their dogs love him. He likes to flirt with other white dogs and has a little quirk where he grumbles when he's super excited! He's an amazing dog and I am blessed to have him. Thanks to you!


My husband and I have had American Eskimos since we were married in 1989. We fell in love with that breed. We often thought it would be fun to have a Samoyed. Of course we assumed that they would be a bigger version of the Eskimo. We soon found out we were wrong. I had been following an eskimo rescuer on line for some time. I mentioned to her that i was looking for a Samoyed. She immediately gave me info on how to contact Yvette.

Yvette had a young woman that needed to re-home her 1 year old Samoyed named Harley. She started sending us pictures and videos of her, We knew she would be ours. Something about that crooked ear that sucked us in. Yvette made everything so easy. It wasn't long until we were proud owners of Harley, now named Marley.

We still had 2 American Eskimos in our home. Marley was a little more energetic than our senior eskimos. One of our Eskimos,Keely, tried to play with her and wanted to but was always worn out. Marley wanted to play all of the time.We started joking with each other about getting another Samoyed for her to play with. We started looking on line.

Our timing was perfect, I mentioned to Yvette that we were considering a second Samoyed. She had another one that needed a home. We had always had females in the past. I talked to Yvette about the differences between male and female and we decided to bring a male Samoyed in to our family. We went on a 24 hour round trip drive to pick up Coda.

When Coda came home it felt like we were supposed to have him all along. My husband is a disabled vet. With Coda's previous training he was able to easily pass the training to be a service dog. He goes every where with him. When we take his service harness off it is like a switch. He becomes a "regular" dog.

Marley and Coda have brought so much happiness to our lives. They are a true blessing.

I was so touched by how selfless Yvette was that I decided to get involved at our local Humane Society.

We will forever be thankful to Yvette for all of her help. She is amazing.

Samoyeds are wonderful dogs. We now have 2 favorite breeds. We will stay in touch with her forever.

We are fans for life! -- Pope Family


I am forwarding this picture I took of him this morning. He is healthy and happy and just a dream! I definitely won the doggie lottery when I adopted him!

He is great with other dogs, including the "assertive" ones. I've been taking him to doggie park regularly. He can match the active ones in speed and strength. Watching him run is just a thing of beauty. He lopes like an Olympic athlete. I've tried to take a good video, but they don't pickup the beauty. I'll keep trying and maybe I'll get a good video one day. When there are little dogs, he gets down at their level and plays with them, but he's really good about not jumping on them. Instead, he let's them jump on him.

Tango and my cats are pretty much settled in. The ats are keeping their distance, but they are back to their regular routines and sleeping locations. Tango NEVER goes in the room where their food and litter boxes are - I think they've let him know that this room is off limits for him.

I haven't had Tango to the groomer yet. I wanted his fur to grow out a bit so they'd have a bit to work with. He's definitely ready now - his hair has grown over his eyes. Oh and the hair on his tail has grown out too. I will get him in soon and will send you his post- groom picture.

All in all - he's a happy dog. He is bonding well with me. He follows me everywhere throughout the house. He isn't messy. He sheds a bit, but I expected that since I wanted a shaggy dog. Lot's of vacuuming for me, LOL.

Pat said that there is now a Sapsaree dog that has had 10 puppies. She sent me the pictures. The Momma looks a lot like Tango!. What cute puppies! If they are anything like Tango, whoever gets to adopt them is going to be very happy. I wish I had gotten to see Tango as a puppy. I bet he was adorable.

Tango's shaggy looks do attract a lot of attention. It is a pleasure to have people ask me about Tango's breed and to be able to tell them his story. I knew his breed is rare, but I didn't know how few were in the U.S. I am pleased and proud to own one of the few owners of a Sapsaree.

I hope things are going well with you both. Thanks again for all your good work with Tango. He's just such a great dog and I am so lucky to have him! - Kehler Family


About a year ago I picked up Zuri from LAX, she had been flown in from South Korea. She has kept me happy and busy and sane, but also has made me a little crazy!

After graduating college in the LA area we drove across country back to my home state of New Hampshire. Yvette Nielsen and Y-not Save a Sam Rescue, I am so grateful for you and your work. Thank you for letting me adopt this wonderful pup. -- Jackie


My wife, Yuki, and I had known for years that we wanted to adopt a dog, but we were never able to due to where we lived. At long last, we moved into a dog-friendly home, and we started our search. Yuki happened across the Y Not Save A Sam? Facebook page and off we were. We knew we were going to get a northern breed, and the moment we saw all of the beautiful Sammies that needed homes, we knew our search was over.

We had so many Sams that we would have loved to adopt. We didn't plan on being lucky enough for a puppy. We just wanted to be amazing puppy parents. Fate intervened when Ghost became available for adoption. We leapt at the opportunity, and Yvette, amazing Yvette, helped make that opportunity a reality. Ghost came to us (or we went to him, rather!) with a sinus infection and severely underweight. We fell in love with him immediately. Even with the health problems, he was filled with puppy energy.

Ghost has been a part of our family for only a few months now, and neither of us can imagine what we would do without him. To see him regain his health, and grow into a strong, energetic pup has made such a huge difference in our lives. He's really perfect. He's playful, affectionate, loves all creatures big and small, and has such an easy going and even temperament... I only wish others the same fortune that we found in him.

Y Not Save A Sam has changed our lives in more ways than we can count. Yvette Nielsen is a tremendously generous woman who has put her entire heart into rescuing and finding homes for these gorgeous dogs. She should be commended for her hard work and for uniting families and pups across the country. What she does demands so much patience and hard work, both she and her organization deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the field.

We can't thank her enough for bringing Ghost into our home and giving us the chance to make our family whole. Thank you Yvette! -- Gary, Yuki & Ghost Laib


I first met Yvette after I had lost a beloved Samoyed. I had seen an elderly Samoyed that Yvette, Kit and Kim had rescued from a shelter in Arizona. Something about the look on his face and his sweet demeanor made me think he needed me. (Really, it was that I needed him, I think.) Through another terrific Samoyed person, I was able to get in touch with Yvette and adopt Winston (formerly Morris). He was absolutely wonderful, sweet and fun. I am so grateful that I got to have him.

Yvette was so helpful, spoke at length with my vet and me prior to my adopting him, and helped in every way possible. She has outstanding integrity, is always reliable and puts the needs of the dogs she rescues first.

Not long after getting to know Yvette, I learned of how she and her team also rescue Samoyeds and sometimes other dogs from the horrors of the meat markets in Korea. I have had the privilege of assisting slightly by bringing attention to what she is doing. Four different friends have adopted dogs from Korea through Yvette, one of them adopting two and being so impressed with what Yvette is doing to rescue, that she has assisted Yvette in different capacities. Another, after working with Yvette, has been so inspired that he and his rescue group in Florida have begun pulling dogs from Korean meat markets also.

After working with Yvette and seeing what she is doing every day, it makes one want to assist also. She passionately tries to save every one she possibly can, even when it seems impossible. I am so grateful for Yvette and her mission and highly recommend adopting or donating toward a dog through Save A Sam. --Cusimano Family


Our Samoyed rescue story goes way back, 3 Samoyeds back! We rescued our first Samoyed in 1999 through Samoyed Rescue of Southern California. He was a big adult male with cute biscuit ears who was just looking to be loved. We named him Kory and so began our Samoyed journey. We took him on all our outdoor adventures, every chance we could. He was our “first born”. Several years later, after he crossed that rainbow bridge, we knew the only option was to adopt another Samoyed rescue. In 2007, we got in touch with Pyles of Smiles, another rescue in northern California. A pregnant Samoyed was given up for adoption and we submitted our request to adopt one of the puppies. How lucky were we to get Kory #2 at just 10 weeks old! Fast forward 9 years and here we are thinking to adopt another rescue, a brother and playmate for Kory #2. This time we got in touch with Yvette at Y Not Save a Sam. We saw the listing for Timber, aptly named after being found tied to a tree. After reading about the rescues she does with the shelter in Korea, we decided to move forward. A few months after our first talk, we were picking up 3 BIG dogs at LAX, Timber and 2 other Jindos. What a pleasure to be able to help this great rescue! For one night, we had 4 dogs under our roof! Whaaaa???? (I don't know how Yvette manages with even more dogs!) The two other rescues were transported by Yvette back to Utah the next day to prep for their fur-ever homes. And here we are starting a new life with 2 dogs, 8 paws and a lot of extra poop in the backyard! Kory (age 9) & Timber (age 2) got along great despite their age differences. As with any new dog, especially a rescue, you never know what to expect. But over time, we got passed peeing on the carpet, chewing up shoes and getting muddy with the backyard sprinklers. We love Timber so much and are excited that we can give him a fur-ever home. We look forward to the many adventures of camping, boating, biking and hiking with Timber. The only thing he will ever be tied to is our hearts! -- Perez-Ayala Family


In March, 2016 my vet discovered that my dog Lucy, a Jindo I rescued when I lived in LA, had cancer and a brain tumor. Her health deteriorated so quickly she had to be put to sleep four days later. It was the worst day of my life. I cried and grieved and really missed having a loving dog to care for. After a few weeks, I decided I wanted to rescue another Jindo, but since I live in Denver I knew it was a long shot. I read in the Facebook Jindo groups about adopting directly from Korea but it was expensive and I didn't want a young puppy. I posted in the Facebook group about Lucy and asked if anyone knew of any adoptable Jindos near Colorado. At least six people recommended Yvette, who they said had a Jindo/ Samoyed mix named Ted. Yvette and I connected and the more I learned about Ted and saw pictures and video of him with his foster mom, I knew he was the one. I talked at length with his foster mom, Bre, and Yvette because at two years old, Ted was a little younger than I thought I wanted. They both gushed about how sweet and smart he is but also were up front about him needing more training to not pull on the leash during walks.

On Monday, April 4, 2016, Yvette picked up Ted from his foster home in Utah and met me with him halfway from Denver in Wyoming. He immediately gave me kisses and was such a sweetheart. I am so grateful to have found Yvette and Save-A-Sam. The very first night, I patted the side of the bed and Ted jumped up to snuggle in and sleep. He has gotten so good on walks and we are having a great time together. He loves squeaky toys, treats and parking himself in front of me when I'm on the couch to have his back scratched. I could not have asked for a sweeter dog. Thank you! -Lisa in Denver


What do you do when your beautiful Sammie crosses the bridge? You call your former Sammie friends in Sammie rescue, in my case that friend was Sandra Spiegel, and you hope for a second chance! That was when I was put in touch with the wonderful Yvette and I was given a second chance! And in turn, my beautiful Kaskae was given a second chance also! I had no ideas that my next treasure would come all the way from South Korea. The adventure of a lifetime began there with pictures of a wonderful dog, whose name was Scruffy at that time. Pictures from Mrs. Kang to Yvette and then to me an I fell in love with my beautiful boy whom I now call Kaskae. He had a long journey, a long flight into the USA to JFK and a long ride from there with Phillip Karston to Binghamton where I drove to pick him up. His name means "The Chief" in Eskimo and he quickly became the chief in the household and he was a little rascal full of energy. My son and I continued to rescue him over and over when he got away from us to explore the surrounding countryside! He loves people and we found him once at the golf course riding in golf carts with workers and patrons!

We also had many chewed items, mostly Mike's! But now we are still together and growing closer all of the time! So we have both been given our Second Chance and are so happy! Thank you to Yvette and all of the wonderful people involved in the efforts of beautiful Sammies! Now I have a Forever Friend once more! -- Sheila Graver


A week ago this morning Jungeun Kim and I were at Chicago’s O'Hare waiting for this little guy to arrive from Seoul, South Korea. What a wonderful week it has been! Gyungmi Kang your are right, he is naughty!! AND one becomes addicted to his little paws pounding you and his fat little toes are adorable. Yvette Nielsen I just have no words for you and all you do. We loved hosting you and Micheal and the pups, we loved fostering Dani and were so happy when she found her forever home. So when you asked us to foster Mr. Ari we of course said yes. But we had no idea the impact this little man would have on Laila and Lucy, on us, on all of our friends who have met him so far - LOVE is in the air.

David and I can only imagine the hard hard work you and your Board do to save these dogs.

  • The cost of ensuring they are healthy enough to receive their health certificates

  • Getting them ready to be able to travel to the US from South Korea

  • Spending hours communicating with the South Korean government, with Empathy for Life Rescue in South Korea

  • Working with airlines to secure flights for each dog

  • Finding couriers to travel with each dog

  • Purchasing crates for them to travel in once they have the health certificate, flight and courier

  • Finding foster homes

  • Fundraising for the cost of spaying/neutering, grooming once they are here

  • The cost of making dogs like Ivan whole again

  • The time it takes to screen and approve potential adopters and arranging final transport details to their forever homes and keep ALL OF THOSE BALLS IN THE AIR

  • In addition to the part I do truly understand because I too am the place where the buck stops for a 501c

    • all of the work it takes to keep the compliance details up to date for the IRS aspect of Y-not Save A Sam PLUS

    • the fundraising, finding donors, thanking donors, keeping donors informed and engaged

    • collecting of adoption fees, etc.

GOD BLESS you and your Board of Directors Yvette!!

SO after all this long winded thought sharing let me just say - David, Laila, Lucy and I are honored to support Y-not Save A Sam Rescue in all the ways we can; fostering, donating AND paying our adoption fee for Mr. Ari. We are so in completely in love with this bundle of adorableness, his pounding little paws, fat little toes, naughty little personality EVERYTHING that is our little AriYak.

Ari and Welcome to the Newf Pack little man - we will always have your back!!

Sophie & Kenzie

A little over two years ago I heard from a friend of the breeder of two of my Samoyed's... She was looking for a Samoyed but didn't want a puppy. Of course I recommended Yvette and Y Not Save a Sam. And soon Sophie came to live with Theresa...

In October 2015 I heard from Theresa's brother. Theresa was in intensive care and gave him my name because I had told her about Y Not Save a Sam and back in 2013 she had visited my home and had met my dogs. I picked up Sophie from where she was being boarded and brought her home. All the pups got along great. And in the meantime I had turned into a foster failure and had adopted Krazy Kenzie from Korea! And the girls turned into BFFs immediately.

Unfortunately, in November, Theresa passed away, but before she did she was able to see photos of Sophie happy with my pups.

It is awesome how Yvette has created a community of rescued dogs all over the country and I am honored that I have the privilege of living with two dogs that were rescued by Yvette. --Valerie Bradley


What do you do when you pickup a dog you know is sick, you put her in your bed and she puts both paws on top of you and rests her head on you and falls asleep? You take her to the vet of course! And then when she looks at you like you save her life, you tell her you're home. We weren't expecting you, but you're home and I will make you well again and love you forever.

44 pounds, skin and bones, you could feel the sharp ones poking through her coat and a giardia infection and parasites. Turns out she also has Corona in Korea. At first I had to coax her to eat, but as she got better, so did her eating habits. She still has digestive issues, but we are working through that. Heartworm treatment started the following month and after treatment was over, she was spayed. What at trooper this girl is. She is also finally housebroken.

The miracle happened when Amber started getting better and we got to see her real personality blossom. She is not only beautiful inside and out, but mischievous and knows how to charm and flirt her way to a cookie! No longer the lay around type of gal, she wanted to go, go, go!! She loves walks, playing fetch and teasing her brother Pote. She also loves to rip the faces off her toys. Having Amber as part of our family has also been very educational, I now know how much stuffing goes into a large dog pillow bed and that there are more feathers in a feather stuffed pillow than you can ever imagine. If you are imagining, it's even more than that. She loves her kitty brothers and even grooms them.

Amber is still learning manners, but has come a long way. Most of my morning start with the Alarm going off and Amber giving me kisses. After that she tries her hardest to make me stay in bed by draping the front of her body over mine, and then if I start to get up, she does it again. She makes it very clear she wants me to saty home with her, until she realizes we are going for a walk.

I can't imagine our lives without her. She brings so much happiness in our lives. -- Lanson Family


We had been looking for another Samoyed after we had lot one of our Sammies to cancer. I had inquired on a Facebook page if anyone knew of where we could get a puppy and immediately heard about Y-Not Save A Sam. I went to their website and looked at the dogs they had for adoption and saw Blanca. She had been an owner surrender as she has Addison's. I did some research on this disease and talked with a couple of our vets and then my husband and I decided we could do this and put in an application for adoption for her. I fully understand why her previous owner could not do the Addison's thing. I do keep her previous owner informed of her well-being by the posting on my own Facebook page as I am "friends" with her. We know she loves her and wishes that she didn't have to give her up but sometimes things just happen and always for a reason. I think that reason was so we could be blessed with Blanca every day.

She has become my husband's "travel companion" as she loves to go on car rides. The bank tellers all know her and she gets a doggy treat immediately back through the deposit tube from the bank drive-in. If she's not with one of us, they as us where she is. She has blessed us every day with her delightful temperament, her smile, and her playfulness. Even though she has Addison's, which requires monitoring to make sure she gets her daily and monthly medicine and shots, she is such a wonderful companion and friend. We lover her immensely and so do our 3 other dogs. We now have 3 Samoyeds - Blanca, who is 3, Miska, who is 1 and Tasha, who is 4 months old. They all go out in the field and run and play and wrestle. They chase birds and rabbits and our neighbors. She has a blast!!!

Everyone always remarks how beautiful she is and how much she smiles and wags her tail. She loves people and other animals and they love her.

We are soooooooo lucky to have found her and brought her into our lives.

We cannot thank Y-Not Save a Sam for giving us the opportunity to have her become part of our family!! -- The Bauer Family


AS TOLD BY LUCKY HIMSELF: So I wake up one day and I hear I’m “Lucky” as I’m heading to America to maybe live in the OC.

However, I’ve got other plans in mind. Move over Psy, with your Gangnam style domination,

I’ve got my eyes set on Hollywood as well. And, here’s how I’m going to do it:First, I shall land at LAX from South Korea with BIG sad eyes. Of course I will have messed all over myself so I will have to be let out of my carrier and cleaned up immediately after getting through customs. Baby wipes anyone?Then, as my carrier is a pig pen inside, I will have to be hand carried through the rest of the airport for all to see my grand entrance on my way to Tinseltown. I will be quiet and demur as I enter my new dwelling and meet…WHAT ARE THESE? Others like me? One tells me she’s originally from Israel, the other from “Like the Valley” and yet one more from some place called Riverside County? EE Gad. First, I must win over the elderly one from Israel. She appears to be the growly puss and in charge. Do I play it dashing and debonair or do I give some attitude back? No time to think about that now as the valley dude wants to leap and play. Wee, this is fun. UH OH, now the tough one from the Riverside kill shelter is coming over to size me up. He’s scary looking!! Just like a GIANT white wolf with blue eyes. There’s the sniff, the tail wag…wait for it…WHEW…all good. It’s a playful ruckus in the yard for hours. That night, I played my cards wrong. I dared to growl at the veteran rescue from Israel. She growled back and then I went overboard as if I was going to attack and bite her. She started shaking terribly. I got in TONS of trouble and was told the OC people couldn’t call soon enough! Oh, it was a sleepless night. The time difference, the thoughts that I’d ruined my big chance at movie stardom, a mix of both?The next day, no call from the OC. A few days go by and no OC call. I viewed this as my last possible in. I saw a commercial about to start on the TV that I knew so I ran over, flipped upside down in my cutest position and started being filmed getting a belly rub. That’s when the commercial started playing the song, “I’ve found my happy place.”Hello? How could anyone pass me on now with this Hallmark moment recorded for history? And, I’d even started winning over the growly puss, giving her tons of licks and kisses. Oh, the OC call finally came for my possible viewing, but it was too many days too late. I had weaseled my way into this pack. What about the Hollywood stardom thing you ask? Well, of course with my personality and looks, I got cast in a movie called The Pipeline only a short time after that. It just happens to be a touching real life story about the building of the Alaskan Pipeline, in which there are snow dogs! Yes, I will be seen rubbing my furry elbows with the likes of iconic actors Claudia Christian, Barry Corbin, Wes Studi and others. My scenes with Claudia are epic if I say so myself. I will be strutting down the red carpet for the premiere in late 2016. So, now my life is full of fielding calls for my next project, making sure no cookies go stale and ensuring my favorite toy, or what’s left of it is by my side during all union naps. Good bless America…and for saving me to live the dream. Peace out! “Lucky”

Keiko (FKA Elsa)

Keiko was formerly known as Elsa and quite skittish, but always had a little eye for the goofy and fun. Through the near year we've had her she's developed as a perfect playmate and companion for our little dog, Milo. We couldn't be happier having rescued such a wonderful dog. We cherish each moment with this beauty - and so does Milo! -- Westheimer Family

Nike (fka Batman)

About 6 months ago we started fostering for Yvette, after our first foster she sent me a text with a picture of two little Pomeranian mixes coming from Korea that needed a foster home. We weren't really looking to get a 3rd dog but after seeing Nike aka Batman, we somehow knew if he came to our house he may just end up staying, but we accepted to foster them and awaited their arrival!

From the time he arrived we knew there was something special about him, he seemed to fit right in to our lifestyle and routine and was such a good boy! Even though our hearts seemed to have made their decision already, we wanted to give it a little bit of time before we made our final decision.

After 2 weeks we knew we couldn't bare to see him leave, we had fallen in love with him as hadd the rest of our crew! So we decided to make him officially part of our family! He's been such a great addition! And we absolutely adore him! Thank you so much to Yvette Nielsen and EFL for rescuing our sweet boy!!! You guys do amazing work!! - Luthi Family


After my first Samoyed died in 2005, my living situation did not allow me to get another dog. Last year I moved to a house with a fenced backyard and began searching again for another Samoyed. I thought I'd get a rescue this time. For whatever reason, rescue Sams are hard to come by in Southern Califonria. One I heard about at a shelter was gone by the time I was able to visit. Another which showed up on SoCal Samoyed Rescue was adopted within a day - in between my visits to their website.

My sister (also a Sam owner) mentioned to me that Yvette was running a program to bring unwanted Samoyeds over from Korea. I read up on the Y-not Save a Sam website and checked out their Facebook page. A few updates down was a plea for anyone in the Southern California area who could do an airport pickup that Sunday and foster. Talk about timing! I hastily filled out an application to adopt, and a home inspector from National Samoyed Rescue visited and cleared my home less than 72 hours before Danny was scheduled to arrive.

Danny arrived healing from shoulder surgery (either he was abused or hit by a car while in Korea). I thought he would be timid and scared, but he turned out to be mostly curious. Nothing bothers this dog - he even lets me vacuum the loose hair off of him. He quickly found the box of dog toys my sister had donated and began playing with them as if they were his all along. At the dog park he preferred the company of people instead of other dogs, but soon found a few playmates and got busy getting dirty.

He has been everything I hoped for and more. Playful, affectionate, gets along great with my family and my sister's Sam. People have a hard time believing when I tell them he's a rescue. My vet (who is Korean) gets a kick out of the fact that he responds to Korean commands like sit and come here. I am very grateful to Yvette for working so tirelessly to bring these unwanted dogs over and matching them up with a loving home. -- Kim Family

NIKI (Nikita)

Our beautiful Niki (was Nikita):

My life with Samoyeds (and Sammy-mixes) goes back to my childhood. Niki is #8 for me. The last four have been rescues - three from Samoyed Rescue of S Cal and our most current member, Niki, from dear Yvette and from Korea. Our home is now filled with three - Shayna is 14 1/2, Bailey 4 and Niki is 3. As you can imagine - Niki and Bailey are great playmates.

Niki is not a full Sammy. We believe she is a mix of Japanese Spitz. Her transition has been the most challenging of our rescues but worth the adventure. She is a beautiful addition to our family and the sweet side gets sweeter every day!

The work of our Angel in Action, Yvette and Y-Not Save a Sam is truly the gift of life for these special Samoyeds! -- Ronda & Dennis Wilkin (West Hills, CA)


Klowee also known as Bug, Love Bug, Klowee Bear, Puppy, Lovey Dovey, and many other names was brought to us in sunny Southern California on October 7, 2015. After being rescued from a puppy mill and then fostered by the AMAZING Yvette, Klowee, at 6 years old, found her forever home with us! Words cannot even explain the joy, happiness, and love that she brings to our lives. She loves basking in the sun, running with many dogs at the park, playing with her toys, singing with her mom in the car, playing “go fetch” at the beach, and most recently loves jumping into the waves! - Perfect since she now lives in Surf City aka Huntington Beach. She has such a wide fan base and everywhere we go someone always knows her by name! She is such a sweet and loving dog! Often times the neighbors come by to play with her and take her on more walkies – which she loves. Klowee loves to cuddle and she thinks that she is a lap dog, but that’s okay with us! We can’t get enough of her! We are so blessed to have Klowee in our lives and to receive her never ending love and give it back to her. Thank you Yvette and all of the supports of Y Not Save a Sam!!!


Zuri's success story:

My boyfriend and I first laid eyes on a Samoyed about 4 years ago and instantly fell in love. We had never seen a dog so beautiful and we half jokingly said to each other, "If we get a dog lets get one like this!" I did a ton of research on the breed and felt that it was really the perfect breed for me - loyal, adventurous, playful, high energy, and very loving. I am also allergic to most pets so I had to get a dog that was "hypoallergenic." Despite all of that hair, I am not allergic to Samoyeds!

When I moved to California I ran into two more Samoyeds, interrogated their owners about what it is like to have one, and decided it was time to adopt a dog. I began researching different rescues around the country and I finally found Yvette's Facebook page and website after several months of searching on Google. She posted a picture and a couple of videos of Zuri and her goofy personality just shined right through the computer screen! I could tell that Zuri was a very happy, energetic, healthy dog. Yvette was very honest about the information she did and didn't have regarding Zuri's health, personality, training, etc. Yvette was remarkably well-organized with clear directions for how to get the dog from the airport. She gave a ton of advice about training and caring for Samoyeds and checked in with me every day for the first couple of weeks.

Zuri is a very quick learner. She only relieved herself inside a handful of times and during the first month that she spent with me. She is almost incapable of being aggressive, even when she has kids pulling her ears and tail and hanging all over her, or when she is being ganged up on at the dog park. She avoids conflict with other dogs and is generally well-behaved. I feel blessed that Yvette gave me the opportunity to be Zuri's human because she brings so much happiness to my life. Samoyed's are wonderful companions and I recommend them to dedicated people who are willing to put in a decent amount of work for a huge reward. They need a ton of exercise - this cannot be overstated! But if you follow through with that end of the deal, you will have a happy, loyal, affectionate, furry best friend.

Yvette is extremely dedicated to her rescue and she works tirelessly to bring dogs into safety. She is ethical and makes decisions using a lot of care. Please thank and support her!

Jackie Gilbert